We'd LOVE you to join us
Monday 1st March 2021

We'd LOVE you to join us
Monday 1st March 2021

Monday 1st March 8PM
Step into the Matrix, and join seanhanna and Skyler London as they present their first ever virtual awards.
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We will send you your access link.
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seanhanna + Skyler London

The Best of the Best in

The Matrix Awards 2021

seanhanna + Skyler London
The current pandemic has of course changed our whole business this year, yet it is still important to recognise the hard work and talent of our team during this time. We have spent so much of this past year in a virtual world, we felt there was no better place to host our awards this year, than inside

Here are the awards that our team will be competing for…

Salon Stylist of the Year
Our top salon stylist or colour specialist who has been pleasing the most guests during this difficult time.
Edward Bywaters Award
Named after one our fabulous apprentices who we sadly lost in an accident, this award recognises the apprentice who always goes above and beyond, giving everything 100%.
Social Media Award
This award recognises a team member that has produced the most publishable social images throughout the past year.
People's Choice
This award is judged exclusively by our guests who were invited to vote for their favourite stylist throughout the past year.
Receptionist of the Year
The receptionist who was voted the most helpful either in our salons or in our call centre over the past year.
Manager of the Year
Every great team needs a great manager and here we pay tribute to our top manager over the past 12 months.
Salon of the Year
It's been a tough year for the team, not just doing a great job but ensuring they keep our guests and each other safe. Who will be this years SALON OF THE YEAR?
Creative Trainee of the Year
Our Creative Awards recognise the creative talent within our team. This award is for our most creatively talented Trainee / Apprentice.
Creative Stylist of the Year
This stylist will have shown the creative talent in producing innovative all round styling.
Creative Colourist of the Year
Colour is the perfect way to compliment any hairstyle so this award pays tribute to our most exciting colour specialists.
Catwalk Image of the Year
With inspiration for the world's main catwalks, this stylist will have produced their own exciting catwalk interpretations.
Avant Garde Hairdresser of the Year
Limited only by their imagination, the winner of this award will have really stretched the creative boundaries combining hair and art.
Best Dressed Award
These may be virtual awards, but we are still all about the style. Show us what you've got on screen and the male and female voted the most authentic MATRIX style receives a bottle of bubbles in the post. This awards is open to both team and guests. Judged as individuals not as couples. Hey ... social distance!!!
We know you're out there, we can feel you now....

One of these pills will mean you will be home alone on Monday the 1st March, bored senseless while the other means you will still be home alone but mega excited to be joining us in our virtual world. But the question is... which one is which? Surely a question for the MATRIX