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Brazilian Blow Dry
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Smooth Manageable Hair for up to 12 Weeks

Smooth Manageable Hair for up to
12 Weeks

Our Brazilian Blow Dry helps to make your hair more manageable meaning less stress and more gorgeous hair.

Our keratin formula works with your hairs natural protein to minimise frizz and give your hair a silky smooth finish.

Your hair will have intense shine and feel replenished, with results lasting up to 12 weeks!

Our Brazilian Blow Dry helps to make your hair more manageable meaning less stress and more gorgeous hair.

Our keratin formula works with your hairs natural protein to minimise frizz and give your hair a silky smooth finish.

Your hair will have intense shine and feel replenished, with results lasting up to 12 weeks!

Why Choose Brazilian Blow Dry?
Smooth, Frizz-free and Shiny Hair
All thanks to keratin, which will revitalise your hair, leaving your hair feeling much stronger and healthier
Results last up to 12 weeks
Many of our guests have been treating themselves to our Brazilian Blow Dries over the years, and each time the results are always outstanding.
Manageable Hair
You will literally save hours every time you style your hair at home for the next three months
Fabulous Hair
Every single day!
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Your questions answered
Brazilian Blowout, Brazilian Blowdry or Brazilian Keratin Treatment?
Brazilian Blowout, Brazilian Blowdry and Brazilian keratin treatment are the same hair-smoothing treatments that temporarily coat the outer layer of the hair to smooth the hair, remove frizz, enhance shine and decrease blow-drying time.
How does it work?
Your hair will be coated with Keratin, which is a protein that hair is made up of naturally. Not only will the process revitalise your hair, it will also leave your hair feeling stronger.

To begin with, your hair will be cleansed with a purifying sulphate-free shampoo, getting rid of any product build up and residue. Your hair will then be rough-dried, and a Brazilian Blow Dry treatment will be applied through your hair in small sections to make sure that the product is evenly distributed.

Your hair will then be blow dried and set with a straightener at 180 degrees – no more, no less. Anything less than this may not be effective, and anything more than this can cause heat damage to the hair.

Will this suit my hair type?
Brazilian Blow Dry suits any hair, any length and any thickness. If you are looking to make your hair much easier to maintain with minimal effort, then the Brazilian treatment is perfect for you.
Will a Brazilian Blowout Treatment make my hair straight?
This is not the case, for example, some of our guests with naturally curly hair find that after having a Brazilian Blow Dry, they still have some definition. The Brazilian Blow Dry does not act as a chemical straightener – in fact, as Keratin is used in the process, the natural protein actually helps to enhance and protect your hair. It also reduces frizz, calms untamed hair and makes it feel smoother.
My hair is coloured - can I still have a Brazilian Blow Dry?
Yes, you can! Brazilian Blow Dries work really well on coloured hair as this can help to repair any damage to the cuticle and brighten your existing colour. Remember to have your colour done before the Brazilian Treatment as it locks in the colour helping it to last even longer.
How long does it last?
Typically this lasts up to 12 weeks, however it can sometimes last longer. The Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment will gradually fade, so you will know when it's time to have the treatment done again.
How do I maintain my Brazilian Blow Dry?
A well maintained Brazilian Blow Dry Treatment will last much longer so little adjustment to your care regime will make a big difference.

Wait 1 - 3 days before you wash your hair, (Your stylist will advise you on the best timing for your individual hair type)

During the first three days:
Do not use any styling products,
Do not tie your hair or tuck it behind your ears

During the first 3 days, the treatment is still settling in so you need to take special care during this time. After this time, as long as you use a sulphate free shampoo and conditioner you can treat it quite normally.

Is it safe?
Yes! It is completely safe.

Many people ask if it contains formaldehyde? It does contain a trace element, about 100 times less that the legal limit. This would be similar to the amount found in some of our everyday essentials such as toothpaste, baby wipes, shampoos and soaps.

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    Anne S
    "I'm so pleased with my color done by Hannah in the Wimbledon salon. A beautifull copper. Attention to detail excellent. Thank you Hannah!!"
    Amanda W
    "Rachel coloured my hair yesterday after one year of trying to embrace grey. Now back to blonde. Cannot thank her enough for the result. Her attention to detail and care was first class 🥰"
    "Seanhanna is amazing! I had a nightmare experience at a different salon in Cambridge where my hair came out completely patchy and uneven.

    Zoe at Seanhanna was brilliant. She really knew her stuff and explained the best options. My hair is a gorgeous colour now and the shiniest its ever been despite all the dye its had recently."
    Susan D
    "Loving my new colour and cut by Kerrie. Kerrie recommended my new colour (half a shade darker than normal) and cut my hair exactly how I wanted it to be cut.

    It's now looking very glamorous! Let's hope I can keep it that way! Great customer services as usual."
    Simba A
    "Lovely hairdressers located in the jubilee place centre in Canary Wharf. I got my full head highlights done by stylist Ethan.

    I would highly recommend, was very friendly and professional. He took time to make the magic work and didn't rush.Definitely will come again as it was a great experience. :)👍🏼"
    Louise McGillicuddy
    "Very professional and friendly, did a great job with my highlights and cut.

    Really went the extra mile with customer service would definitely recommend and return for my next treatment."
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