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If you are a seanhanna gift card holder you can skip the queue and jump to the front of our priority booking list by completing the form below with your seanhanna gift card number, which you can find on the back of your gift card or on your confirmation email.

Innercircle Gift Card: all you need to know
My seanhanna gift card is due to expire soon and I cannot use the credit as the salon is closed, what will happen to my balance?
Expiry dates on ALL seanhanna gift cards will be extended by the length of time the salon has to remain closed for, allowing everyone the opportunity to use any remaining credit.
I bought a 2020 gift card with added bonus discount for 2021, what will happen to this?
When we are allowed to reopen, we will honour the additional bonus for 6 weeks after the opening date.
Can I use my seanhanna gift card to purchase a colour kit or product from the seanhanna website?
Yes. You can use your gift card to make any purchase from the seanhanna website, however you will need to email in order for us to assist you with this.
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