seanhanna virtual awards
Monday 1st March 2021
Enter the Creative Dolly Awards and really let your creativity run wild.
Creative Awards Master Class times.

Need a hand? Why not join our exclusive Master Classes where we can share tips and thought processes on how to get the most from your entry.

Sky - How to enter the Avant Garde Awards - 12 noon 28th January
•Lloyd – How to enter for the colour award. - 12 noon this Friday 22nd January
•Yesmin - How to enter for the Catwalk Image award – 10am this Friday 22nd January
•Rachel - How to enter for the Trainee award – Rachel will do this with Training
•Tomm - How to enter for the Creative Stylist award - 12 noon Monday 25th January

Access your ZOOM class here:

Meeting ID: 833 1550 9099
Welcome To Your Online Team Training Program
Designed exclusively for seanhanna and Skyler London teams. Our goal is to provide inspirational, practical and genuinely useful training during this difficult time. We hope that we can bring each team member added tools to complement their already highly skilled portfolio of cuts and colours. Our aim is to ensure we can re-open our salons better and stronger than ever.
Course Timetable
"Everyday we work hard to make life of our guests better and happier"
Course Structure
You will receive your zoom link each day to access your online courses. The structure of the courses will be divided up as follows:
Live Demos
The tutor will present a live demo, showing their techniques and sharing their thoughts and strategies.
Virtual Coaching Circle
The tutor will work with the group on a step by step basis. Each team member follows the steps on their own head blocks. There will be a chat host to offer additional support where needed.
There will be some additional courses that will include the business of optimising appointments and some surprise competitions and quizzes along the way.

Your questions answered
I have been hairdressing for years. Why do I need more training?
Training is always important to ensure we stay at the top of our game. Andy Murray still practices tennis and Hussain Bolt still practices running. They are at the top of their game but still understand the importance of improving their performance. In many ways, the better we get, the more we benefit from additional training sessions.
I am on furlough- do I have to do this training?
We are putting together a genuinely valuable training program which we know will be both interesting and beneficial to everyone. But we don't want to make this compulsory. If you really don't want to join us, we will respect your decision.

Do I need to buy a training head block?
NO - If you would like to join us for the training sessions, we will get you a training head for free. Additionally if you need one, we will supply a table clamp to make it easier to work on the head. We will order these and have them sent directly to your home.
What do I need to do during the training?
All we ask is that if you are on a course that you try and give it your full focus. Training online is hard as there can be so many distractions around you. Try and do this somewhere on your own where you have no other distractions. Try and use a well lit area if possible. But we understand that it is not always easy.
What is the point of all this training while we are on lockdown?
How often do we really ever get the chance to invest time in our own training or self-development in the normal world? We are always so busy just living life and working in the salons. Perhaps the "silver lining" is that we really do have more time to invest in ourselves and our careers during this time.
Who will be running the courses?
We plan to run the courses on just two days each week. The courses will be run by myself, Sky, Lloyd, Tomm, Yesmin, Nathan and Rachel. We plan to run a mixture of courses including a recap on Signature Cuts, Inspirational cuts, Men's Cutting and some really cool Skyler London Colour colour programs.
Who we are
Our online training program will be presented by:
Rachel Valentine
Company Educator
Sean Hanna
Managing Director
Skyler McDonald
Creative Director
Tomm Bucknell
General Manager
Yesmin O'Brien
Session Director
Lloyd Court
Colour Director
Nathan Harker
Men's Specialist
Sean Hanna
managing director for seanhanna salons
"It's almost 40 years since I started the seanhanna salon group and it's been the most incredible journey. Although not planned or wanted, this pandemic is still part of our journey and how we deal with ourselves during this difficult time will lay the foundations on how we can emerge stronger than ever."

I just wanted to say that I am really proud of how our team have dealt with things during this pandemic. Our teams have really pulled together and have put the safety of themselves and our guests at the forefront of what we do. Hopefully, with the vaccine being rolled out, we are now on the home straits and an end is in sight. So let's pull together one more time and get back to our guests better and more focussed than ever.
Have a question?
We are here to help. Send us a message and we will get back to you shortly.